Small Firm with Big Values

Individual Attention & Integrity

One-on-One Legal Counsel With a Strategic Defense Attorney

For more than 17 years, Brian Dunnigan has been representing clients who needs defense against criminal allegations and traffic offenses.


About Us

Our attorney has vast experience in Virginia court procedures and will help clients understand the laws that apply to their case. As a small firm, we focus our attention and resources on each individual and their specific needs. This results in a comfortable one-on-one experience.

What We Do

After a brief discussion, we will formulate a plan to guide our client from start to finish. We can help with the following:

  • DUI/DWI Cases

  • Speeding/Reckless Driving Cases

  • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Cases

  • Hit and Run Cases

  • Habitual Driving Offenders

  • Infractions

Connect With Us

If you want more information on how to proceed with your case, please contact us for a free consultation. You can also reach out for more information about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.